Integrative Therapies To Support Medical Procedures

This Program of Holistic, Mind/Body Techniques can support and enhance your standard medical care!

How is this program unique?

  • It includes a CONCISE Guidebook and a CD for your daily use.
  • It can be used INDEPENDENTLY or WITH SUPPORT of a Practitioner. 
  • It provides LIFE-ENHANCING TOOLS for self-healing BEYOND your surgical or challenging experience.

  • It provides a QUICK and EASY way to initiate your body’s ability to heal.
  • It addresses you as a whole person – BODY, MIND, SPIRIT.
  • It teaches you to be an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in your own healing process. 

How would it help me?

Pain Relief • Accelerated Healing • Stress Reduction • Immune System Support

When would I use this program?

Although its focus is pre and post-operative surgical care, the Beyond Surgery® Program can be used for almost ANY circumstance – from physical injury or illness to childbirth.  This program can also help calm and transform anxiety caused by stressful, life-changing situations such as the loss of a job, a loved one or a divorce. 

In addition, the program’s Guidebook and guided imagery CD can also be utilized for the maintenance of your physical health and emotional well-being.

Whether your circumstance is physical or emotional, The Beyond Surgery® Program can be used independently OR with the support of a trained Practitioner.  

What Integrative Therapies are used with this program?

THE BEYOND SURGERY® PROGRAM is a protocol of Integrative Therapies and Surgical Coaching, customized to support and enhance your existing primary medical care.  In addition to coaching and education, the full protocol consists of hands-on energy balancing sessions both before and after your procedure.  Also included is The Beyond Surgery® Program’s “A Guidebook For Initiating Your Healing Response” and a guided imagery CD, “A Tranquil Space“.

A unique and beneficial aspect of this program is its ability to be used with OR without the support of a trained Beyond Surgery® Practitioner.  The program’s Guidebook and guided imagery CD are equally as effective when used independently.

Then we can help you to help yourself!

If you are facing...

Major or Minor Surgery • Cosmetic Surgery • Chemotherapy or Radiation Treatments • Dental Procedure


Your Power To Heal