This Program of Holistic, Mind/Body Techniques can support and enhance your standard medical care!

How would it help me?

Pain Relief • Accelerated Healing • Stress Reduction • Immune System Support

When would I use this program?

Although its focus is pre and post-operative surgical care, the Beyond Surgery® Program can be used for almost ANY circumstance – from physical injury or illness to childbirth.  This program can also help calm and transform anxiety caused by stressful, life-changing situations such as the loss of a job, a loved one or a divorce. 

In addition, the program’s Guidebook and guided imagery CD can also be utilized for the maintenance of your physical health and emotional well-being.

Whether your circumstance is physical or emotional, The Beyond Surgery® Program can be used independently OR with the support of a trained Practitioner.  

THE BEYOND SURGERY® PROGRAM is a protocol of Integrative Therapies and Surgical Coaching, customized to support and enhance your existing primary medical care.  In addition to coaching and education, the full protocol consists of hands-on energy balancing sessions both before and after your procedure.  Also included is The Beyond Surgery® Program’s “A Guidebook For Initiating Your Healing Response” and a guided imagery CD, “A Tranquil Space“.

A unique and beneficial aspect of this program is its ability to be used with OR without the support of a trained Beyond Surgery® Practitioner.  The program’s Guidebook and guided imagery CD are equally as effective when used independently.


Integrative Therapies To Support Medical Procedures

How is this program unique?

  • It includes a CONCISE Guidebook and a CD for your daily use.
  • It can be used INDEPENDENTLY or WITH SUPPORT of a Practitioner. 
  • It provides LIFE-ENHANCING TOOLS for self-healing BEYOND your surgical or challenging experience.

  • It provides a QUICK and EASY way to initiate your body’s ability to heal.
  • It addresses you as a whole person – BODY, MIND, SPIRIT.
  • It teaches you to be an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in your own healing process. 

What Integrative Therapies are used with this program?

Then we can help you to help yourself!

If you are facing...

Major or Minor Surgery • Cosmetic Surgery • Chemotherapy or Radiation Treatments • Dental Procedure

Your Power To Heal