​​Integrative Techniques To Support Medical Care


Life 101

By Judy

What made you start reading this?  What might "Life 101" offer that you are needing right now?  A cure for stress?  Some remedies for lack?  Or maybe a way to eliminate overwhelm?

Not exactly.  This blog isn't about remedies or solutions.  What we offer are tidbits.  Little morsels which can soften your own challenging moment and help you be more available to others for their challenges.  We offer some options for difficult times -- let's call them "misadventures" -- so that the difficulties don't have to repeat themselves.

We Are:  Judy Ray and Nancy Blue, co-founders of The Beyond Surgery Program.  Judy is the blog-writer and you readers are the source of our topics.  Our "Life 101" blog is not only intended for The Beyond Surgery Program's Surgical Coaching Practitioners, but also for anyone else who is choosing to avoid the urge to rescue, "cure" or "fix" themselves or others.  We encourage concepts such as "facilitate" and "allow" instead, not only in our interactions with others, but in our own personal journeys as well.

So part of what the "Life 101" concept offers is some tidbits both for everyday peace of mind and turning our misadventures into conscious expansions.  Always remembering that the most efficient way to help someone is to learn to deal comfortably with or own.

Some examples of our upcoming blog titles are:

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  •      What You Don't Know About Your Emotions
  •      An Instant Dose of Peace
  •      When Someone You Love Is In Pain
  •      Long Distance Healing - Anyone Can Do It
  •      Handling Chaos, Depression and General Misery
  •      Why Is This Happening To Me Again?
  •      How Good A Receiver Are You?

Our blogs are all based on the assumption that life can be less traumatic than it seems, and noticeably smoother than we tend to make it.

Journey well with us.

Breathe In To Where It Hurts

By Judy

As coaching practitioners, we cannot always eliminate pain.  But then we are not in the business of fixing hurts anyway.  We aren’t really even the healers, - we are coaches trained to empower, to inform, to restore.  

So we seek out tidbits.  Little morsels of habits that can soften the moment.  And if we soften enough moments for ourselves and our clients, we can help to create patterns.

BREATH:  It can be more than just a physical necessity.  It can be a highly effective pain reliever, an emotional balancer, and it can pattern a person for healing at all levels.

PATTERNING.  All this term means is that we humans can put a few behaviors together in a certain order, then repeat the routine.  Such as taking a shower and brushing your teach before bedtime.  It eventually becomes a ritual that precedes sleep and so we tend to nod off more easily after the pattern.

AND WHEN WE USE THE BREATH, the patterning is quick and easy.  We have to breathe anyway, so why not try this if your client is in pain or discomfort.

Allow your (female) client to be in a relaxed position, in a chair or on the healing table.  Begin some energy techniques.  Working around the head, neck and shoulders is balancing and nurturing, but go with your intuition.  You will know.

At some point, gently suggest in a soothing voice that she take a few slow, deep breaths into wherever she feels discomfort; then let her slowly exhale.  Invite her to repeat this sequence.  Through your words, her breath ebbs and flows and the sequence begins to form a gentler pattern in the fluids and tissues of her body.

Enhance the effectiveness of this patterning by softly suggesting one or more of the following: 

…”when you breathe into discomfort, it creates space in the cells and allows them to move and the muscle around them to relax…”

Or - , …” your breath is creating such a softer pattern in the tissues… it is replacing all that tightness…  feel your muscles relaxing, becoming warm and heavy, releasing congested energy…”

And, or - “…see if you can sense or imagine that your breath creates a soothing color as it swirls around the tissue.  Notice what color that is.   Maybe there are several shades of that color, or perhaps several different colors…"

“…notice the patterns your breath is making around the cells.  Perhaps it is spiraling gently, or floating in random sequence around the area that was so tight…”

“….your breath is healing.  See if you can feel some of it right now as you continue the deep breath in and the slow exhale…”

This following way of using breath with intention can be so effective that it can stand alone, and be used at the beginning or at the end of a session.  Or both.  Simply invite your client to silently say “I am” to the count of five on the slow and easy in-breath, and “at peace” to the count of 5 on the exhale.  Then say “Do this for the next 5 breaths, or until it feels right for you to stop.”

Don’t forget that emotion may be just as uncomfortable as physical pain.  When someone you are working with speaks of anxiety or overwhelm or any of the fear-based feelings, ask where she feels this in her body.  Suggest that she put her hands on that area, and then try some of the healing-breath word sequences above to dissolve the physical part of the emotion.  The distress will tend to dissolve as well or at least decrease.

We aren’t the healers, and we don’t want to fall into the trap of feeling an inner need to fix or rescue.  But as we work with them, we can bring the magic of breath into our own moments alongside them.   As we suggest and invite them to soften their breathing patterns, we can also incorporate the breath habit into our own moments alongside of them.

And so begins the magic mystery of entrainment!

(Watch for next month’s blog, called “The Magic Mystery of Entrainment).”