Susie Maples - LMT, SCP

Tampa, FL


C. Diane Rivers - BA, CPC, LMT, SCP

Boynton Beach, FL


Diane has been a Holistic Counselor - specializing in Stress and Grief care, thru a program called Shift it thru Energy Medicine for the past 16 years.  She holds a BA in Psychology & Education.  After teaching college students empowering techniques/tools to achieve their dreams/goals as a Program Director for Medical Coding, she realized what she taught outside the classroom was more rewarding and became a Certified Lifestyle Coach.  She's also a Healing Touch Level 4 volunteer at Hospice by the Sea in Boca Raton for over 3 years.  She is a CSI Medical Coding Director.

Her latest workshop is a monthly sesseion called Energized Light Beings at the Duncan Conference Center in Delray.  Diane shares with others various healing energy modalities to reduce stress, gain clarity, focus and energy.  She has published 3 books:  What's Eating You? A major weight loss empowerment guide; Journal what you eat and what's eating you"; Surprise a true short love story; Theodore Turns 5 - a children's book & coloring book about friendship.

She is happily married 20 years and a mother of 7 children, 4 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren.

Beth Fletcher - RN, BSN, LMT, MA, SCP

Hollywood, FL


Jane Bruno – LMT, SCP

Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Jane Bruno is a licensed massage therapist, Healing Touch Practitioner, Kripalu Yoga Teacher and a Surgical Coaching Practitioner with The Beyond Surgery Program.  She has been involved with the Healing Touch Buddies program since its inception and has worked with many breast cancer patients, using energy work to offer them respite from anxiety, fatigue and pain.  Jane is dedicated to improving the quality of the life experience for each person she works with — both through the power of the energetic field to promote healing — and the power of directed thoughts and feelings to create a better outcome for medical procedures and conditions.

Sharon Wolfson Wacks – RN, BSN, SCP

Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Sharon has enjoyed a 30 year career as a Registered Nurse providing nursing care expertise in:  National Institute of Health clinical research studies, Medical-surgical bedside nursing, IV/Chemotherapy Infusion Therapies, Administrative Nursing duties and Outpatient Preventative/Wellness Program Activities.  She is a Surgical Coaching Practitioner with The Beyond Surgery Program.  Sharon values the care of the “whole” person and appreciates the need for a more holistic way of treating individuals.  She is excited to integrate her experiences, passion, on-going Biofield Medicine & Healing Touch education and training to empower the individual to fully participate in their wellness and healing.

Diane Bell – RT, HTP, SCP

Islamorada, FL 

Raisy Gittler – LMT, CHTP, SCP

Hollywood, FL

Nancy Ade – BSN, RNC, CHTP, SCP

Cooper City, FL  

Karen Greenberg – RN, HTP-A, SCP, Reiki Master, Certified Case Manager

Boca Raton, FL


Karen has successfully integrated her Nursing, Healing Touch and Reiki practices by focusing on wellness and wholeness from within.  Healing Touch, Beyond Surgery coaching and Reiki nurturing therapies work with your energy field to support your natural ability to heal.  The many benefits include:  reducing stress and pain and releasing toxins, calming anxiety and depression, strengthening the immune system, creating a sense of well-being and balance, easing acute and chronic conditions, and supporting  pre- and post-operative cardio, chemotherapy and cancer care.

Rob Hoopes - RN, BSN, LMT, SCP

Aventora, FL


Rob Hoopes recently retired after serving as a registered nurse for 32 years.  The areas of practice included:  adult critical care, labor and delivery, the emergency room, and over the the newborn intensive care unit.  During his career as a nurse, Rob became a Reiki Master and a Licensed Massage Therapist.  Since 2010, he has practiced Reiki and massage therapy with the Pediatric Palliative Care Team of Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital of Hollywood, FL.  This involves the use of both of the healing modalities on children with long term, and, fatal disease processes.

When not involved with administering to others, Rob believes in a healthy regime of self care, which includes Bikram Yoga, meditation, surfing and kite boarding.  His mantra is, "One can be in service to others, but should only be a servant to one's self".

Rev. Cindy Noe – CMT, CR, CHTP, SCP

West Melbourne, FL


Cindy Noe opened her private practice in 2001.  She brings to her clients her skills as a Licensed Massage Therapist (2002), a Certified Reflexologist (2005), a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (2006) and a Surgical Coaching Practitioner with The Beyond Surgery Program (2011).  She also practices Raindrop Therapy using Young Living Essential Oils.  Her other credentials include being a Medical Intuitive, a Quantum Healer and a Certified Spiritual Healer.  Cindy became an Ordained Minister in 2010.  She has been doing healing work in her Church for the last 5 years.

Cindy is willing to work within her clients’ busy schedules.  She offers appointments during evening and weekend hours when needed.  Clients can be seen in either her office setting or in the comfort of their own home.  Cindy believes in the importance of combining energy therapies with conventional Western Medicine to assist in the healing process.  She loves helping others and educating them about the benefits of energy work.

Christine Hankerson – MSN, MS/P, RN, CNHP, HTP, SCP

Wesley Chapel, FL


Christine is the owner of Creating Health and Wellness, LLC.  She is a certified hypnotist and practices many modalities, such as Healing Touch, essential oils and nutrition.  She is a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) who provides education regarding enzymes and their impact as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  She is a Surgical Coaching Practitioner with The Beyond Surgery Program.

Christine’s vision is for individuals to take control of their own health by acquiring knowledge and tools to achieve that goal.

Rev. Lindsay F. Babich – CHTP/I, SCP

Palm Beach, FL


As an interfaith minister, Lindsay practices Spiritual Medicine based on the simple premise that “All Healing is Self-Healing”.  She is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor, an aromatherapist and spiritual counselor.  Rev. Lindsay is also a mentor for the Alliance of Divine Love, preparing ministerial students for ordination.  As Chair of the Board of Healing Touch Buddies, she supports the organization through fundraising and training of volunteers and provides therapy to breast cancer patients as an active Buddy.  Her passion for The Beyond Surgery Program is driven by the desire to see individuals empowered to direct and manage their own health outcomes and wellness.

Barbara Riddick – CHTP, CSCP

Boca Raton, FL 

** Certified Surgical Coaching Practitioner **

With The Beyond Surgery Program

Barbara is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner with Healing Beyond Borders Organization ( and a Certified Surgical Coaching Practitioner with The Beyond Surgery Program.  She has also been a Healing Buddy volunteer for several years which provides support for women/men with breast cancer (  In addition, she volunteers at Hospice By The Sea in Boca Raton, providing Healing Touch.

Barbara is passionate about Healing Touch therapy which reduces stress, pain, anxiety and discomfort associated with pre/post surgery.  She provides many holistic tools that empower her clients so they can participate in their own healing, such as HeartMath® Stress Reduction Techniques, guided imagery, meditation, Anxiety Release Technique®, breathing exercises and Young Living Oils.

Lee Kimball – CSCP, CHTP, RYT

Port Orange, FL


** Certified Surgical Coaching Practitioner **

With The Beyond Surgery Program

Lee has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Special Education, a Master of Science Degree in Learning Disabilities and an Education Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership.  She has been teaching a variety of age levels and subjects for 30 years and is currently teaching reluctant readers at the High School level.

Yoga has been a personal passion of Lee’s since the 1970′s, and for the past 10 years she has been a Yoga instructor as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).  She has been a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP) since 2009 where she found her calling.  She has completed Levels I and II of Energetic Transformation with Kathy Sinnet, and Levels I and II of Medical Intuitive Training with Kim Seer.  Her latest accomplishment is becoming a Certified Surgical Coaching Practitioner (CSCP) with The Beyond Surgery Program.  Lee blends her training and skills into helping others feel well, whole and balanced.

Laura Kraljev – LCSW, CHTP, SCP

Ponce Inlet, FL


Glenda Clausner – BA, LSHC, CHTP, SCP

North Palm Beach, FL


Joanne Vogel – LPN, LMT, CHTP, SCP

Ormond Beach, FL


Joanne Vogel has been a nurse for 36 years, practicing primarily in Pediatrics.  She became a Reiki Master in 1998, a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner in 2002 and a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2005.  She became a Surgical Coaching Practitioner after completing The Beyond Surgery Program in February of 2010.  She has been in private practice in Ormond Beach, FL since 2005 where she offers Therapeutic Massage, Healing Touch, Reiki, aromatherapy using Young Living Essential Oils and Surgical Coaching as a Beyond Surgery Practitioner.

Joanne feels blessed to be doing the work that she loves, and has always encouraged her client’s participation in their healing process.  She believes that The Beyond Surgery Program, in particular, provides tools to help her clients more fully take part in their healing journey.

Aleida A. Drozdowicz – MSN, RN, AHN-BC,


Miami, FL


Aleida has been a Registered Nurse since 1983.  She is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Instructor, a Reiki Master, an Angeltherapy Practitioner certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue and a Board Certified Holistic Nurse through the AHNA.  In addition, she is also a Surgical Coaching Practitioner with The Beyond Surgery Program; and as a Healing Touch Buddy volunteer, she provides support for women/men challenged with breast cancer before and after surgery and assists them in the development of self-care practices for their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Aleida combines her nursing experience and practical applications of energy based concepts to offer her clients and students the opportunity for ultimate personal growth and healing.  She is a kind, compassionate, caring healthcare provider and educator whose presence is both healing and inspiring.

Aleida regularly holds Healing Touch and Angel therapy workshops throughout the South Florida area.  She resides in Miami, Florida, with her husband and three teenage children.

Sharon M. Stern – LMT, MA 41669, HTP, SCP

Boca Raton, FL


Sharon graduated from the Florida College of Natural Health where she earned a degree in massage therapy and became a Certified Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT MA 41669).  Her studies have continued with the Healing Touch International Certificate Program, which is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association.  She is also a Surgical Coaching Practitioner with The Beyond Surgery Program.  Combining her knowledge, she has developed The Essential Touch.

Therapeutic essential oils are a major part of her practice, having studied with Gary Young of Young Living Oils (#13880).  Sharon became a reverend while studying with the Alliance of Divine Love.  While studying Reiki and Shamanic Synthesis she was ordained as a minister with the Universal Brotherhood Movement.  She is now qualified to ordain other ministers.

Florida Practitioners

Rev. Carole Poletick - SCP

Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Carole's Mission:  "No one should go through a difficult process alone."

From a 30-year educational career with countless opportunities to practice nurturing energy techniques in classrooms, Carole witnessed the benefits of relaxation skills, yoga and guided imagery/meditation.  As a Reiki Scholar, Healing Touch Practitioner, and aroma therapist, she is dedicated to facilitating positive results for body/mind/spirit.

Carole is a volunteer "Buddy" with Healing Touch Buddies, a non-profit providing therapy to people with breast cancer.  She also serves on the Board of Directors.

As a Surgical Coaching Practitioner with The Beyond Surgery Program, she supports people facing major/minor surgery, chemotherapy/radiation, dental or various health procedures.

Tammy Dragel – MS, CCCSLP, CHTP, CSCP

Tampa, FL


** Certified Surgical Coaching Practitioner **

With The Beyond Surgery Program

Tammy is currently the coordinator of the Healing Touch Program at St. Joseph’s Hospital.  She sees a variety of patient populations throughout the hospital including oncology, orthopedic, neurology and surgery.  Tammy uses a combination of Healing Touch, Guided Imagery, Guided Meditation and other stress reducing techniques to create an optimal environment for relaxation and healing.  Tammy is a Certified Surgical Coaching Practitioner with The Beyond Surgery Program.  She works with patients prior to and after surgical procedures to assist with stress reduction, pain relief and accelerated healing.  She is committed to assisting her clients in achieving the most optimal outcome possible.

Daysi Carolina Danker – MA in Journalism,


Tampa, FL

Daysi Carolina Danker had her first experience with Healing Touch (known as Neural Stimulation in her native country of El Salvador) in 1996.  While working as a Journalist for a Hispanic newspaper in Florida in 2008, she wrote a story about the Healing Touch Program at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa.  This experience led her to take Level I and Level II or Healing Touch.
Since 2009, she has been part of the Healing Touch volunteer team at the Cancer Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital.  Daysi currently works for a private health insurance company as a Spanish Translator.  In February of 2011, she became a Surgical Coaching Practitioner with The Beyond Surgery Program in Tampa, FL.  She is working towards becoming certified with both the Healing Touch and The Beyond Surgery Programs.

Michelle Bessette – LMT, LE, CPT, SCP

Sarasota, FL 

Mary Ann Watson – RN, CHTP, CMI,


Coral Springs, FL

Cell:  954/529-4844

Fax:  954/757-5138

** Certified Surgical Coaching Practitioner **

With The Beyond Surgery Program

•  2nd Degree Reiki

•  Public Speaker, Community Outreach 
•  COB

•  HT Buddies

•  Certified Surgical Coaching Practitioner/Beyond

•  Surgery Program

•  CEO Light Visions, Inc.

Gini Moseley – RN, SCP

Boca Raton, FL


​​Integrative Techniques To Support Medical Care

Keelee Wright - LMT, SCP

Jupiter, FL


Keelee Wright is a NY and FL Licensed Massage Therapist, Facialist and Reiki and Healing Touch Buddies volunteer as well as a Surgical Coaching Practitioner with The Beyond Surgery Program.  Keelee has spent over 25 years practicing as a Massage and Intuitive Therapist.  She was born in South Korea and performed as a child and continued dancing and singing on Broadway and films and television and modern dance.  Massage Therapy and healing was an easy transition in NY and FL.  Life is a healing voyage and Keelee is grateful that she can be part of this journey.

Jaclyn Elda Chisholm – Masters in SLD, HTCP/I, CNHP, SCP

Tampa, FL


As a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP/I) and Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP), Jaclyn combines her 30 + years as a Special Education and Preschool Teacher with her interest in wellness.  She is a Surgical Coaching Practitioner with The Beyond Surgery Program.  Her healing work blends a combination of emotional mastery techniques and child-oriented techniques that encourage holistic development in her young students, as well as supporting positive responses within their families.  Concurrently, Jaclyn works with adult family members as part of this quest for holistic wellness.  She enjoys volunteering two hours a week in the Cancer Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital.  She is currently working towards completing requirements to teach HTP Level I Classes and is trained in the Beyond Surgery Program.

Rev. Patricia Somoza – LPN, HTP, SCP

Tamarac, FL


Rev. Patricia Somoza is a long-term energy therapist using Reiki and Healing Touch to focus her Spirit and passion for transformative healing, specializing in “end-of-life” care.  The Beyond Surgery Program expands her practice to include surgical and crisis care, coaching clients to support the experience of grace through life’s challenges including empowerment and conscious living.  Patricia also teaches Eastern meditation techniques of Self-realization.  There are many paths to Nirvana.

Elizabeth R. Rall – RN, MSM, SCP

Miami, FL


Elizabeth Rall, with a life-long career in nursing, is a nurse leader, with a Masters in Management in Health Science Administration.  She is an Infection Control Professional.  A student of Dr. Jean Watson, she is a Caring Coach, with decades of experience in energy medicine including Healing Touch and Bach Flower Essences.  She plans to use her training as a Surgical Coaching Practitioner with The Beyond Surgery Program in further service to the healing arts and humanity.

Ana Simmons – RN, BSN, CNOR, SCP

Miami, FL


Rev. Trisha Burke – SCP

Lake Worth, FL 

Cathy Scantlan – RN, MSN, HN-BC, HTP, SCP

Boynton Beach, FL


Cathy has been an RN for 17 years, Holistic Certified for 8 years, a Surgical Coaching Practitioner with The Beyond Surgery Program and a Healing Touch Practitioner.  Her passions recognize energy as a tool for healing and as one of many stepping stones on a life-long journey.  She advocates for nursing staff and caregivers to guide them to achieve a goal of self care without guilt.  Breathing, relaxation, meditation, bio-feedback, drumming, creative rituals, color, sound, gem-spiritual connectedness to Source are all ways to ground self and others, if that is their need.

Karen Stoltz-Hansing - RN, SCP

Bradenton, FL


Marilyn Cabrera – HTP-A, RM, SCP,

HT Buddies, Angel Therapy Practitioner,

Ordained Minister with The

Universal Brotherhood Movement

Miami, FL


Marilyn’s healing sessions are offered with a platform of Healing Touch combining other modalities as best suited.  The client’s energy body is assessed, various techniques most appropriate for their needs are applied and restoration of harmonious balance is attained allowing them to self-heal.

Dorothea M. Dehlinger – RN, CNOR, SCP

Miami, FL


Colleen A. Haney – M. Ed., CEEMP, CHTP, SCP 

Boca Raton, FL


Colleen Haney is a licensed and Certified Communication Specialist and Pathologist, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Ordained ADL Minister and a Surgical Coaching Practitioner with The Beyond Surgery Program.  With over 35 years of experience in education, psychology and health, she has served as an administrator, therapist, minister and international consultant in a variety of settings working with infants, students and adults.
In 1997 while a doctoral student at Purdue University, her own illness led her to embrace Energy Medicine and Mind-Body-Spirit Communication.

Colleen believes our first communication system and true universal language is energy, and her private practice assists clients to develop deeper levels of energy communication, health and wellness.

Colleen offers a variety of energy work modalities, pre and post-surgery consultation and ongoing support to her clients.

Kevin McCullough - SCP

Safety Harbor, FL


Imagine yourself relaxed and peaceful as you prepare for your surgery.  Imagine complementing your medical plan of treatment for a complete healing experience.  Imagine recovering more quickly and easily, and getting back to your busy life with gusto!  Kevin can help you to do this as a Beyond Surgery Program Surgical Coaching Practitioner.  Kevin is a Usui Reiki Teaching Master, Ordained Minister and has trained in Healing Touch, aromatherapy, guided imagery and breathing techniques, and will help you to enhance your medical plan of treatment.  Kevin has performed over 2,000 hours of energy work and has a long list of satisfied clients.

Carolyn Rae Hyman – RN, BSN, CHTP, CSCP 

St. John’s, FL


** Certified Surgical Coaching Practitioner **

With The Beyond Surgery Program

Carolyn Rae has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years with a clinical background in medical, surgical, and mental health nursing, health education and wellness.  In an effort to better serve clients in her private practice, Carolyn became a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and a Surgical Coaching Practitioner.  Along with her education and clinical experience, Carolyn’s personal story of hope and healing helps to bridge the gap between healthcare provider and healthcare consumer.
Carolyn’s personal message:  “I know from personal experience that facing health challenges can be a very difficult, stressful and lonely experience.  The heart of my nursing career has always been to care for, and serve others, by walking alongside them on their personal path to healing — body, mind and spirit.  My message for you is, ‘you are not alone.’ ”

Judy Watkins – CHTP, SCP, LMT

New Smyrna Beach, FL


Judy Watkins has been practicing Healing Touch since 2008, is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and has taken a broad scope of energy healing classes.  Quantum Healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu are the two primary classes she has taken.  She is a Surgical Coaching Practitioner with The Beyond Surgery Program as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist.  When she opens her new business, she will make outcalls to clients’ homes.  Her sessions will combine massage and energy work, or an entire session of one or the other.  Upon graduation, she will be certified to do Myofascial Release for the head, neck and jaw.

Jin Ang-Bacall – RN, CCRN, SCP

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Home:  954/584-8313

Cell:  954/655-3339

Jin Ang-Bacall has launched her integrative surgery coaching practice following a 35 year career in nursing.  In her passion for healing light work, Jin utilizes Healing Touch and her training as a Medical Intuitive.  Through her training as a Surgical Coaching Practitioner with The Beyond Surgery Program, Jin is able to assist clients in developing the tools to create space for peace when faced with surgery or other medical challenges.  She also applies her advanced quantum skills in a cooperative effort to bring planetary healing and raise human bio-frequencies.