​​Integrative Techniques To Support Medical Care

Mary Dhal - LMT, SCP

Blairsville, GA



Robin B. Johnson, M.Ed., CHES, RYT, HTP, SCP

Athens, GA



Robin has a Master’s Degree in Health Education and has a hospital-based health education since 1978.  She has extensive experience in health promotion, as well as patient education, health literacy, cardiac rehab and diabetes education.  Since 2004, she has managed therapeutic yoga, mindfulness and programming for Athens Regional Medical Center’s Mind Body Institute, a physician directed, evidence-based complimentary therapy center.  She has experience teaching gentle, chair, and cardiac yoga;  as well as Back Care Yoga, yoga for people with cancer, neurological diseases, diabetes, lung problems (COPD) and inflammatory conditions.  She has been a Healing Touch Practitioner since 2009, seeing clients for pain, stress relief, anxiety, cancer and treatment symptoms, trauma, infection and surgery.  Robin is also a Surgical Coaching Practitioner with The Beyond Surgery Program.

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