Anna Bruno - MSN, NP-C, SCP

New Orleans, LA


Anna has been a nurse for over 20 years, with the last 6 years as a family nurse practitioner.  She has worked in oncology, hospice/palliative care, home health, in hospitals, clinics and in the corporate world.  She has earned her most important title of "Keeper of the Peace" as a wife and mother of 33 years.  Throughout these various stages of life and work, she has witnessed the stressors of chronic and terminal illness, death and dying, pain, family life, daily life and life in general with all of its complexities and distractions.  These experiences have encouraged her to learn, to grow and to discover methods that reduce stress, promote peace, joy and acceptance.  She enjoys working with individuals of all ages, walks of life and spiritual backgrounds to encourage and teach methods of living a fuller, more joyous life where positive emotions, balanced energy and a healthy spirit come together and unify the mind, body and soul.  She is the owner of Spiritus, a wellness company in New Orleans.

​​Integrative Techniques To Support Medical Care