​​Integrative Techniques To Support Medical Care

You may begin as soon as you feel ready.  Although two-three weeks is the average lead time before a procedure, clients have started well before that and have also come into the program a day or two prior to their procedure.  Ultimately, timing depends on the complexity of the situation and individual preference.  Even a short amount of time spent in preparation will be of benefit.

Your Practitioner will provide you with a Client Workbook, a Guided Meditation CD, and will guide you through the protocol which will help you to initiate and optimize your body’s own natural ability to heal.

Our Beyond Surgery® Practitioners have earned the designation of ” Surgical Coaching Practitioner” through our standardized training, and are qualified to provide you with the level of support you desire.

Your Beyond Surgery Surgical Coaching Practitioner is ready to provide you with one-on-one coaching / education to help you release anxiety, and shift your focus and energies to a positive outcome, as well as help you to create a support system to help you as your healing progresses.  Your Practitioner will also use hands-on energy balancing techniques to help increase your immune system functioning prior to your procedure and will come to you in your hospital or clinic immediately after your procedure to further support your post procedural recovery. 


Welcome To The World Of Surgical Coaching

Whether you have come to this page to find a Practitioner to work with, or are considering becoming a trained Beyond Surgery® Surgical Coaching Practitioner, you have tapped into the growing awareness of the benefits of support and preparation when approaching a surgical or medical procedure.