"A Guide To The Guidebook" CD

A voice guide to accompany the Guidebook

Composed by Judy Lynne Ray and Nancy Blue

Recorded by Judy Lynne Ray

This page by page guide to the core portions of the Guidebook has been formulated primarily for those who purchase the Guidebook to use independently (without a personal Coach to work with face to face.)  The CD voice-guides you through the Daily Tune-Up portion of the Guidebook, and gives you an additional overview of how to optimally utilize the rest of the book.

“A Tranquil Space” guided imagery CD is a powerful vehicle for your health and healing process.
This 28 minute MEDITATION takes you through a full body relaxation process and guides you through a hands-on, energy-balancing session on yourself while incorporating powerful imagery to “instruct” your cells in their healing process. It is a powerful vehicle for pattering your mind/body connection to create and health and healing.

Written in simple language and packed with practical tools, it teaches a quick yet effective five step exercise called “The Daily Tune-Up,” gives suggestions and activities for “Establishing a Support System,” and offers a potpourri of “Additional Tools” helpful in creating your daily routine of self-care.

Complete with reproducible activity pages, and a guided imagery CD, The Beyond Surgery® Client Guidebook is a comprehensive system of self-help to guide you as you journey to your greatest potential of health and well-being.

Price $15.00

“A Tranquil Space" CD

Guided Imagery CD for Healing

Guided Imagery “A Tranquil Space” Guided Imagery CD for Healing 

Composed by Judy Lynne Ray and Nancy J. Blue

Recorded by Judy Lynne Ray

Guided Imagery is the most substantially documented modality for support of medical procedures.  Highly effective for pre-procedural relaxation, guided imagery is frequently used in hospitals and clinics throughout the United States.


​​Integrative Techniques To Support Medical Care

"The Breath and Beyond" CD

Compiled and recorded by Judy Lynne Ray

A Guided Imagery CD containing four meditations, all created as pathways to living a life more gently and peacefully.  The meditations range from soothing inward journeys using the breath, to cosmic travel and planetary healing.

Included on this CD:

  1. The Breath of Essence
  2. The Breath of Stillness
  3. Beyond the Timeless
  4. Healing the Planet

Price $15.00
Price $10.00
Price $15.00

Beyond Surgery® Client Guidebook

Client Guidebook – “A Toolbox for Initiating the Healing Response”

By Judy Lynne Ray and Nancy J. Blue

This concise and easy to read book provides a complete guide to initiating your body’s innate healing response.

“A Healing Space” CD

(Formally entitled “Healing Meditations”)

A guided imagery CD for centering, grounding and general relaxation.

Compiled and Recorded by Judy Lynne Ray

This guided imagery CD contains four meditations developed for those seeking stress relief and balance in their everyday lives.  In addition, it can be used to help promote sleep and to accelerate healing.

Included on this CD:

  1. Centering and Grounding
  2. Exploring Inside and Out
  3. Activating Your Inner Healer
  4. The Self-Chakra Connection: A hands-on meditation for healing

Client Guidebook / CD set

Price $33.00

Client Guidebook (without CD)

Price $ 25.00