​​Integrative Techniques To Support Medical Care

Program Components

​Included in The Beyond Surgery® Program’s full protocol with a trained Surgical Coaching Practitioner are the following modalities:

Several holistic therapies are used in this program.

Surgical Coaching

It is our belief that we each have within us the ability to influence our healing process.  The Beyond Surgery® Program offers a combination of education, practice and guidance in the principal components which can initiate and support your body’s natural healing response.

You will learn to incorporate interactive therapies which reduce your stress and anxiety, shift your focus to positive outcomes, elevate your immune system functioning, and promote the deep physical relaxation which greatly enhances your healing process.  Our coaching practices also assist you to incorporate family and friends into your healing process in a positive and supportive way.  
Surgery and medical challenges can be a wake-up call for changing your lifestyle; our coaching support can make that process easier and more comfortable.

Healing Touch

Featured on CBS News’ “Healthwatch,” Healing Touch is a hands-on energy therapy which activates and supports your body’s natural healing response.  Based on the private practice of founder Janet Mentgen, Healing Touch was developed and pilot tested in 1989 by the AHNA (American Holistic Nurses Association) as an energy-based, practitioner continuing education certification program.  With a focus of nursing process, it is an organized compilation of energetic interventions from many energy healers from both by-gone and contemporary times.  For more information, go to  www.HealingBeyondBorders.org.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is currently the most substantially documented integrative modality for medical procedures.  It is recognized by Blue Cross/Blue Shield and used by a growing number of highly respected hospitals in the United States before and after heart surgery, transplants and other medical procedures.  The Beyond Surgery® Program offers you customized guided imagery and provides you with an engaging guided imagery CD to help you participate fully in your own healing process.

HeartMath® Technology 

This widely acclaimed bio-feedback system can measurably shift your emotional response and heart rhythms into a level of coherence which transforms stress and raises your immune system.  Medical professionals are recommending this interactive feedback technology to support the physiological health and manage the stress levels of their patients.  The Beyond Surgery® Program includes HeartMath® Technology as an integral part of your healing.

Anxiety Release Technique

Anxiety Release Technique (A.R.T.) is a quick and easy-to-learn method for releasing anxieties surrounding a current situation.  A derivative of Emotional Freedom Technique, it involves tapping gently on a series of key energy meridian points known to balance energy disruptions.  Energy disruptions can cause anxiety, and perpetuate negative thoughts and emotions. Because physical health and quality of life are directly related to emotional health, the simple A.R.T.  tapping method is taught to our clients to help them shift to more positive emotions and focus on positive outcomes.

Stress Management Education

Specific education and techniques are included in this program to assist in creating choices to alleviate anxiety and formulate patterns of health and balance before, during and after surgery.  We teach you to be an active participant in your own healing process with techniques to reduce anxiety on the spot as well as holistic tools for long-term life changes which can prevent recurrence and sustain ongoing health and healing at all levels.  An informative and instructive workbook is provided, consisting of a “toolbox” of interactive techniques to activate your body’s own innate healing response.