Judy Lynne Ray has been practicing and instructing Integrative Medicine since 1993. She has a multifaceted background as a psychotherapist, a massage practitioner and instructor, and as a free-lance writer specializing in self-help and healing. Her articles have appeared in over 150 major national magazines and newspapers including Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune, and Newsday.

Judy formally entered the field of Integrative Medicine in the early 90′s and received her certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor. She currently teaches Healing Touch seminars to doctors, nurses and lay persons in various parts of Florida and North Carolina, as well as abroad in areas such as Romania, Peru, and Italy.

She is also Educational Director and co-Founder of Healing Touch Buddies, Inc. of Jupiter, Florida, a nonprofit organization which provides complimentary Healing Touch for a full year to women with breast cancer.

Her current goal for The BEYOND SURGERY® Program is to combine her skills in Healing Touch, Guided Imagery, Heart-Centered Technology, and Stress Reduction with her passion for empowering others to participate fully in their own healing.

Nancy J. Blue


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Nancy Blue has been practicing integrative techniques as part of her 25-year career as a special educator. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Emotional and Behavior disorders and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Special Education. In her work as a classroom teacher and Behavior Interventionist, Nancy has been a forerunner in applying holistic practices to support children with Autism and other behavioral challenges. As a Behavior Interventionist and Mental Health Consultant, she has also conducted seminars and workshops assisting parents, educators and administrators in the use of holistic interventions to support children with special needs and behavioral challenges. In her current practice, Nancy combines a number of Vibrational Medicine techniques with therapeutic grade essential oils to facilitate balance and healing on all levels. She specializes in Healing Touch, Rapid Eye Technology and is a Reiki Master/Teacher.

After using the protocol and techniques of The BEYOND SURGERY® Program to prepare for her own thyroidectomy, Nancy knows first-hand the benefits of this program. Upon her early release from the hospital, she went directly to lunch with her family at a nearby restaurant, and hosted a birthday party for her daughter the following day. Nancy believes deeply in helping others to approach and move through any health challenge with more confidence, less pain and anxiety, and to participate with intention in their own healing processes.

We are your Healing Touch hands-on Practitioners, helping you to support your immune system, to dissolve your stress and anxiety, to release your pain and accelerate your healing process. We are your advocates. And YOU are our priority.

Kathy joined the Beyond Surgery® team in 2010 shortly after completing her Beyond Surgery® training.
She has a diverse background which includes Office Manager, Early Childhood Educator and Reiki Practitioner.  Kathy is currently a Level Three student of Healing Touch as well as a Healing Touch for Animals® Practitioner, and divides her time between working for The Beyond Surgery® Program and as an independent contractor at “The Grateful Dog” in Brevard, North Carolina.

She is a valuable part of our team, offering her business, computer, and organizational skills to assist the program and its Practitioners. 

About The Beyond Surgery® Program


As Healing Touch Practitioners, Judy and Nancy had long been aware of how tension and anxiety can accentuate pain and retard the healing process. They desired a way to help their clients manage the stress that comes with any medical or life challenge, assist them in maintaining a positive focus and to support them through energetic balancing. 

In 2005, Judy and Nancy came together and combined research-based modalities with Healing Touch sessions to formulate a specific protocol which addresses the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic needs of the client both before and after any medical procedure.

They soon began to develop the “Client Guidebook” and guided imagery CD, “A Tranquil Space,” which together, guide the individual through the process of supporting their body’s innate ability to heal. From that point on, Judy and Nancy have directed their life’s work to what they eventually named “The BEYOND SURGERY® Program,” a blend of integrative techniques customized to enhance a person's standard medical care.

Currently, they are teaching this mind-body system to other energy based practitioners, nurses, massage therapists and any individual desiring to understand and expand their abilities to influence their health in a positive way.  To date, over 225 individuals have taken the workshop to expand their "toolbox" of techniques to use with themselves, patients, clients, family and friends.  

Judy and Nancy are committed to teaching others how they can learn to have a positive influence on their own healing process. 

They warmly welcome your inquiries at any time.

Meet The Founders

Kathy Blue

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​​Integrative Techniques To Support Medical Care

Judy Lynne Ray


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